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Ivan Medina

Born and raised in Escarcega. A small town city of Campeche, where times seems to be has stopped, far from the sea and near to all, here is where has begun my journey, and a long way awaits to be discovered.


Years of experience in Web Design and APP programming

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Beyond the effort is the knowledge and truth



Colegio de bachilleres plantel 03 Escarcega, Campeche.


Ingeniero en Sistemas Computacionales.

Facultad de Ingenieria, Universidad Autonoma de Campeche.


self taught person focused on Game development, web design and programming, app development.

I have had the privilege to work in these great companies.

2018 - 2019

Backdrop, Project leader.

Creating workflows, creating VR and AR products for training, programming interactive stuff with unity an c#, and working side by side with awesome colleagues, and so much more, was part of the day by day in this company.

2014 - Present

TecMilenio, Universidad Tec Milenio.

Since the very beginning i have been teaching 3d Modeling using maya software, foundations of good topology for animation, good practices, and a whole process to create game assets, to have fun and cool times doing what we love.

2013 - Present

UTM, Universidad Tecnologica Metropolitana.

where, i have been teaching cool stuff as game development, 3D animation and Object oriented Programming, to make fun and cool interactive prototypes, actually iam starting to learn about Augmented Reality and Virtual reality to create cool apps in a near future.


Hospital General de Escarcega.

where i had the chance to work as IT specialist, taking care of computers equipment, networks and the IT area support, helping people with their problems


Operaciones Digitales de Mexico ODM.

where i had the chance to work as web programmer and start learning a lot of cool stuff, optimizing things around web pages, databases, php forms and the whole logic behind a good web app.

As a Multimedia programmer ninja these are my skill set at you service.

c# programming90%
3d Rigging80%
3d Modeling100%
Game development90%
Game Designing90%
UX / UI design90%
creative sofwtare knowledge75%
creativity and inventive solutions provider100%
outside of the box thinking 100%
Team player 100%
This skill marks point to the experience gained in the projects I have had worked on, and maybe not correspond to the skills other people may have with bigger backgroun.