My Story

I have been in contact with games since the times of the Alley Cat, for the IBM PC, and thanks to my father who introduce me into the computing world, since that I have always wondered how games are done, and what is behind of them.

I have been playing almost 30 years watching the evolution of consoles, games and how interactivness has become part of our lifes through diferent media.

For me, being able to play videogames and enjoy different types of interactivity means expand my world and let open the door to my childhood imagination.

Please feel free to get in contact connect to discuss, talk debate or share anything related to your project and development opportunities

Ing. Andres "Chaz" Medina

Ing. Andres Ivan Medina

Desarrollador de experiencas inmersivas de VR, Animador y generalista 3D, amante de la musica, la pizza y los Videojuegos.

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Games playing:

◦Syphon filter (10 time)
◦Medal of Honor: Above and beyond
◦Resident Evil 4 VR




Ludum Ergo Sum - Juego, luego soy...

Realform Studio.

Nuestro lema " Juego y luego soy ", tiene la premisa embebida, de que toda actividad debe sumergir al usuario en una experiencia para que esta sea mas significativa y memorable en el largo plazo.